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Orielton Laboratories Pty.Ltd, located in the south Sydney region, is an Australian owned and operated contract manufacturer of health and beauty products. We have over 35 years of experience using natural ingredients to improve your health, beauty, and wellbeing.

Orielton Laboratories Pty.Ltd. was founded in 1997 by Polish-born Dr George Kowalski as a contract manufacturer to the health industry. The company specialized in the manufacture of honey bee product and propolis in particular.

Dr George Kowalski and his son (PhD Biochemistry) are the driving force of this large company and over the years has continued to develop new and innovative natural health products for the Australian and overseas markets.

The company also specialises in manufacturing herbal toothpaste, cosmetic creams, body lotions, shampoos and beauty products.

We take pride in providing safe and effective products that will enhance the health and wellbeing of the consumer by way of only using the best ingredients, techniques and formulations available.

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Orielton Laboratories Pty.Ltd.
No 8 Orielton Rd
Smeaton Grange NSW 2567

Tel: 61 246 474227
Fax: 61 246 474247
E: enquiries@orieltonlabs.com.au

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