Research & Development
Orielton offers a Total Development Package, after assessment of the client’s products needs.

To meet our client’s corporate image and marketing requirement. Orielton can work with or advise on the most appropriate packaging, labelling, bottling, cartons (individual packs or shippers), and other specialty prerequisites.

Quality Assurance Program
A Quality Assurance Program endorsed and coordinated by senior management with involvement at all levels of personnel.

Advice in the form of extensive product information for technical and consumer brochures. We have a network of marketing consultants who can assist with product strategies for the targeting of seasonal, demographic or programmed promotions and create point of sale material where required.

Quality Raw Material Sourcing
Orielton has a proven sources of its materials from all over the world including exotic herbs and fruits to ensure that you finish with best quality product.

 Product Development



Private Labelling


Support documentation for export

Point of sale collateral


We manufacture therapeutic liquid vitamins, minerals, and chemicals, along with non therapeutic creams and a comprehensive range of cosmetic products.


Offering personalised service and assistance in building your range, from marketing, packaging, bottling and other specialty requirements.


We can help with product development, sourcing raw materials, packaging  and labeling all coordinated within our Quality Assurance Program

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